The games are all set up days in advance. You can register at any time for any of the games. We request that you register half hour before each game. The more people that register by 7:30 and 9:30 respectively – the more other players will join. There is no risk for registering early as there is an option to abort the game with not enough players.  (See “Aborting” section below.)

The Pokerstars software cuts off all registrations at exactly 10 mins past the start of the game. If you are running late but plan on playing – Rob can log you in if you send him your user name and password before 8:50pm so he’ll have time to register for you but still play the game when it begins. You are all welcome to send him your passwords now just so if you are running late he will already have the info to log you in quicker.

First- only use the terminology of POINTS!!!  Don’t ask what the “payouts” are.   When discussing a chop – time is of the essence. All players must agree in writing over the chat dialog box that they agree to chop. The numbers are always listed on the website so anyone can figure out the amounts at anytime. Since play continues while the discussion is going on – it is important that people agree or not right away. Asking to chop or asking about breakdowns is NOT an agreement of actually doing the chop. Play will continue as the decisions are being made – and that can affect a player’s answer. Alternately – you can all agree to sit out while  you work it out.  Please try not to abuse this flexibility or all games will have to be played out in their entirety. Once a chop has been decided on – all players must click “sit out” – and when you see that all players have done this – then you can close the program. Do NOT go “all-in” to end the game so as to save yourself from any misunderstandings. If there are any issues – please take a screen shot of the chat where BOTH players wrote down that they agreed to chop. An email needs to be sent to the email with the amounts agreed to – with all players cc’d.

Please be clear if you are chopping at that point and stopping, or reworking the payouts and still playing the game out.

Remember- you get a bonus if you refer players to the online game or the live game!

New players must have 60 points in their account to play the freeroll.  Any amount from rebuys and/or add-on above the guarantee is all added to the pot

If less than 4 people are registered at start time – you need to decide right away if you want to abort the game or not if a 4th player does not show by the end of late registration (10 mins after game start).  If you play, the post has half the fee.  This decision must be made within the first couple minutes of the game when the size of the chip stacks are not a factor in the decision.  If you choose early on that you will all abort the game if a 4th doesn’t show up, then you can proceed in one of 3 ways:

  1. All players click “sit out” until more players join
  2. All players fold all hands until more players join or
  3. All players continue to play, but acknowledge that if not one else joins, then the game will be aborted right after it turns 8:10 (and 10:10 respectively) no matter what the size of the chip stacks are. IF at 9:10 – ALL 3 players decide they’d like to still keep playing then they may.  Any one player can still choose to abort as it was originally agreed to.
If game ends up being aborted – click “sit out” and email Rob to inform him it was aborted.

Since chat is allowed at anytime except when a player is all-in – please do not talk about cards or action while a live hand is going on. though it is hard sometimes – try not to criticize other people’s play – no matter how donkey a move it is! lol Always remain courteous – this is a friendly game.

We put a lot of time every single day into making these games run – please respect the game and our efforts and most of all – enjoy being able to play in your pajamas!!