Welcome to NYCHustlers 3.0 

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Online Overview

  • We are a small “friendly” club.  No trash talk. Most tournaments are less than 2 tables. You get to know the other players…and how they play.
  • We have multiple No-Limit Hold ’em tourneys every night!
  • As well as NLH & PLO CASH games and NLH & PLO Sit & Gos.
  • Tournaments are either 25+3, 50+6 or 100+10 (or more if there’s a bounty included) and on every Friday at 8pm we have a BIG game for 220
  • We will ONLY refer to points from now on.

NYCHustlers 3.0 Sign Up – NO DOWNLOAD: 

  1. Go to nychustlers.games.
  2. Click on “Create new account”.
  3. Text me after you “Create” an account – 914.643.3520, or if you need any help/have questions.

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Email back with any questions – NYChustlers@gmail.com 
May the digital flop be with you