Welcome to NYCHustlers 3.0 

Thank you for your interest in our games!

NYCHustler 3.0 Sign Up – NO DOWNLOAD: 

  1. Go to nychustlers.games.
  2. Create your profile. Use the same screen name as PokerSTARS if you were on there with us.
  3. Unlike PokerSTARS the chips need to be in your acct to play.
  4. Email nychustlers@gmail.com with your screen name, real name, and I’ll transfer your PokerSTARS or PokerBROS account balance.  
  5. To add funds, Paypal or venmo and text me the amount and your screen name.
  • MOBILE: Optional download for a better experience.   
    • NYCHustlers 3.0 will run in any browser, but this is a little nicer experience.
    •  Apple  (App Store)
    • Android (Google Play)

Online Overview

  • We currently have private online Hold ’em tourneys 4 times a day! As Cash games and Sit & Gos.
  • You can play more than one window/game at a time
    • Tournaments are either 25+3, 50+6 or 100+10 (or more if there’s a bounty included) and on every Friday at 8pm we have a BIG game for 220
  • We will ONLY refer to points from now on. 


For 24/7 Mobile Games join our PokerBros club


That’s it! Welcome to the club!


Email back with any questions – NYChustlers@gmail.com 
May the digital flop be with you!