Thank you for your interest in our games!

Online Overview

• We currently have private online Hold ’em tourneys 4 times a day!
• Games are either $25+3, $50+6 or $100+10 (or more if there’s a bounty included) and on every Saturday at 8pm we have a BIG game for $220
• We use the “play chips” from PokerStars and settle up accounts behind the scenes through PayPal, Venmo, or in person.
• PokerStars plays for points which is what we will ONLY refer to from now on: (1 point = $1)



1) Download the free poker software from www.pokerstars.com to your desktop computer

2) Pick your User ID and Password.

3) In the main poker lobby – click on the “Home Games” tab on the bottom right side.

4)  Click the “Join a Poker Club” button on the left.

Enter Club ID number:   2040542
Invitation Code:   nychustlers_invitation
Your name:   Type your email address or cell 

5) **Lastly, you must send this email in order to be approved:**
                     Email NYChustlers@gmail.com your:

Screen Name
Real Name
Cell number and
who referred you

After you are approved to join, we will send you the info on how to fund your account and play your first game!

***NEW*** If you’d also like to play tourneys and/or cash games 24/7 on your mobile device, click here!

That’s it! Welcome to the club!


Email back with any questions – NYChustlers@gmail.com or text Rob at 914-643-3520.
May the digital flop be with you!!