Remember- you get a bonus if you refer players to the online game or the live game!

Since chat is allowed at any time except when a player is all-in – please do not talk about cards or action while a live hand is going on. though it is hard sometimes – try not to criticize other people’s play – no matter how donkey a move it is! lol Always remain courteous – this is a friendly game.

We put a lot of time every single day into making these games run – please respect the game and our efforts and most of all – enjoy being able to play in your pajamas!!


OPTIONAL Mobile app – Better layout for phone or tablet

  • NYCHustlers 3.0 will run in any browser, but this is a little nicer experience.

Regarding mobile table size. Sorry, but the table cannot be displayed larger because it’s already at max height. The chat box is just filling the empty space left over. Removing the chat and stretching the graphic horizontally would be like stretching your television horizontally without making it taller. It would look like crap.  The real problem is trying to play a visually complex game on a 5 or 6 inch screen. It’s not ideal. A real computer or at least an iPad-sized table is needed for the optimal experience.


Two ways to see the pot and payouts during a game


Table Toolbar

Mousing over (or long tapping) each icon will display a popup description:

 Extended chat / info – displays the extended chat box, which also includes the general info WITH PRIZE POOL & PAYOUTS, statistics, and hand history (text, not visual) tabs

 ReBuy/Add-On – displays the rebuy/Add-On dialog.

 Refresh table – redraws all of the graphical elements in case of a system error.

 Rotate seats – this is how you can move to the bottom!

 Replay hand summary – displays the replay dialog visually. You can check the box for Rabbit Hunting! (Rabbit hunting showing what cards were next to be dealt if a hand continued).

 Default window size – returns the table to its default size.

 Table settings – this is a shortcut to the Table Settings dialog that appears on the Lobby/Options menu.

 Leave – displays a leave seat / leave table.

View Balance / Transactions / Transfer Chips

Account drop-down -> “Balance/Transactioms” or “Account Balance” at bottom of Lobby window.

For Transaction history, click transaction, and hit REFRESH

Account drop-down -> Chip Transfer

ICM Chop

After the bubble all remaining players will see an “ICM Chop” checkbox option on the table. The checkbox caption will show how many have checked the box. Those that have will also show a cleaver icon on their avatar. After each hand ends, if all remaining players have their chop box checked, the server will pause the tournament and calculate an ICM chop distribution and present it.

If all players click the Accept button before the allotted time expires then the tournament will end immediately with each player receiving the applicable amount of chips shown in the Chop column


Clicking on an individual hole card in your hand will show it when the hand ends

Rebuys/Add On

When you bust you are presented with the three buttons. If you click the “REBUY button they will perform a quick rebuy.  If you do not respond in time you will be put in sitout mode.

Table Chat Box

The on-table chat box can be toggled between showing chat or statistics by clicking the applicable icon.

You can play multiple games at the same time, and tile or cascade the windows

CASH – We will promote cash games at nightly, but you can always see who is at a table, or message them to join you.

RUN IT TWICE. Each player will have a Run-it-twice checkbox on the table. When checked, those players will show on their avatar. Any time there is an all-in situation (i.e., all bets are in) before the river card has been dealt and all players in the hand have their box checked, the hole cards are turned up and each of those players will be presented with “Run Once” and “Run Twice” buttons. If they all click the “Run Twice” button the remaining community cards will be dealt out in two passes, forming two boards. Cards dealt before the all-in are present in both boards. Half the pot goes to the player with the best hand using the first board and the other half goes to the player with the best hand using the second board.

Rabbit Hunting

See which community cards would have been dealt if the hand had gone all the way to the river. These “rabbit hunt” cards are not shown on the table but are shown in the graphical replay summary dialog -The table button that looks like “rewind” that was on your old tape deck or VCR.

Custom Avatar

Email the image you would like to use along with your screen name to We will get to it as soon as we can. 🙂