Stone Creek


**SPECIAL ONLINE TOURNEY this SAT APRIL 4th at 8pm sharp! **

Join us for a special online tourney to help raise money for STONE CREEK– the bar that has let us play poker all these years!!  $200 buyin. Half goes to Stone Creek to support them while they aren’t able to be open for business – and half goes to the pot!  Thanks to Victor and Jacob for the great idea!  Text CJ with any questions or comments: 917-797-5795  

Registration info below!


Overview of the club:
• We have private online Hold’em tourneys 4-5 times a day!
• Most games are $28 or $56 – Sundays and Thursday 8PM games are $115

• We use the “play chips” from Poker Stars and settle up accounts behind the scenes through
   PayPal or in person. (Never use the word “poker” in any paypal transaction please.)
• From now on we only refer to money as “points.” $1 = 1 point.  



• Download the free poker software from

**PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT work on mobile devices (no phones, tablets nor ipads)
However, we do have cash games you can play on mobile – so contact me if you want info about mobile poker games.


• Pick your user ID and password.


• In the main poker lobby (which will be the first screen you’ll see) – click on the “Home Games” tab on the lower right side:

• Click “Join a Poker Club” on the left:



• Enter Club ID number: 2040542
Invitation Code: nychustlers_invitation
and both your screen name AND phone number.

HUGELY IMPORTANT STEP or you won’t be approved:

Email with SUBJECT: STONE CREEK, and send your Screen Name, Real Name and Cell number or we can’t approve your registration.  ***It takes time to get approved so make sure to register well in advance of any tourney.***



After you are approved, go to for info on how to fund your account and play your first game. 


****PS – You can also sign up to play cash games that run 24/7 on your mobile devices at


Email with any questions –
or for a faster response -text CJ at 917-797-5795.

See you online SAT NIGHT!
(You are also welcome to play any of our daily tourneys as well –
you’d just need to use a different paypal which we can send you.)

THAT’S IT!  Welcome to the club!