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(For mobile tourneys and cash games, see “parting notes” below.)

Thanks for registering and joining the club!
We’ve approved your membership (or will do so shortly.)
Now let’s set up your account, and play some POKER from your home! 



  • We play using the Pokerstars “play money/play chips”  – but we settle up with real money via Paypal or Venmo or cash.
  • Games are either $28 (25+3), $56 (50+6) or $110 – and on Saturday nights there is a deepstack $220.  If you see a game for $66 or $1350, it includes a bounty on top of the regular price ($10 and $25 respectively) that you get to keep every time you knock out a player even if you didn’t end up winning the game itself.
  • Please note: from this point on $1  = 1 point in all correspondence.
  • The title of each game will have the amount of “points” it costs.  (i.e.:  8PM 56pts = $56 dollar game)                                                                                               
  • You must have your account funded BEFORE each game – or you won’t be able to play.
  • Everyone has their own individual “NYC Hustlers bank account” in which we track every game you play, along with every deposit and withdrawal that you make. When you win a game it is added to your account and when you lose it is withdrawn from your account. A copy of your statement is sent to you the day after any game you win. You can also ask for your balance, or request to see your spreadsheet, at any time and we’ll send you a copy.
  • In our club – you may add to, and cash out from, your account at anytime. The only thing we ask is to try to make less frequent, larger deposits –  as it is very important that we all do our best to reduce the number of e-bank transactions whenever possible. Which is worth repeating in the next bullet point also:
  • IMP: Please fund a few games at a time in advance, whenever possible, in order to reduce the number of money transactions.  
  • If you sign up a new player – you will get a 20% discount off the first game that they play.
  • We will continue to run CHARITY TOURNEYS as well, partnering with POKER4LIFE. So keep an eye out for those emails as well.



  • Please try to register at least 1/2 hour ahead of time for the game. Games have 20mins of late registration with any game $135 and over having 30 mins of late reg.
  • PokerStars deducts 20,000 of “play money/play chips” per game.  New members automatically get 35K free chips when they join. You get 15K more chips on the home page of Poker Stars every 4 hours if you click “Cashier” and “Collect.” In a pinch, you can buy a ton of chips also in the “cashier” area for the lowest $2.99 price through PokerStars directly. Those chips will last you a very long time- and give you plenty of time to collect more chips for free anytime you log in.



  • Send to @robert-prisament – Be sure to select “private” in the bottom right,
    and do not mention any comment that is poker or chips related.


  • Send to
  • Click on “Pay” or “Send Money” and then select “Send money to friends or family” or “Personal” or “Someone You Trust” on mobile. DO NOT SELECT “Goods and services” and do not select “Purchase Protection” or you will be charged a fee.
  • Please NEVER write the word “Poker” in the comments section.



  • The payout “points” of a game are based on the number of players and are listed on our website:
  • Payouts are added to your account.  Please have your account pre-funded for a few games in advance.
    You can request to remove funds at any time.
  • Do NOT pay attention to the payouts displayed by the PokerStars program.  Those numbers do NOT reflect the actual payments from our games.


Parting Notes

  • You will get a daily email with that day’s games and other announcements.  Please read it. 
  • Join Our Facebook Group for announcements, winners, etc.
  • If you are interested in NLH & PLO Cash games and more tournaments, sign up for our MOBILE games on POKERBROS APP.
    Go to for info.
  • Lastly, if you EVER have any questions, text Rob – 914-643-3520 or text CJ – 917-797-5795. Nothing is too big or small. Like farmers’ insurance, we’ve dealt with everything! 


Good Luck & Enjoy!

– Rob & CJ