Fund your account

Players keep a small bankroll in their account from which they add to or withdrawal from when they are down or up respectively.

You must be prefunded before


Send your buyin through any of these ways:

Venmo: @Robert-Prisament

Paypal: (VERY IMPORTANT: If you use Paypal- make sure to send as “Family and Friends” not “Goods and Services.” ***   Often times the “Purchase protection” screen is automatically selected – so make sure to unselect it- and below it will be the “Friends and Family” option. Or else your payment will be charged a fee and will have to be canceled and resent.) 

ROb- use your visuals here for that.

***VERY VERY IMPORTANT: Once you send your buyin, send a screen shot of the transaction, along with your username and cell number to:


PLEASE NOTE: If you’d like to play any other of our daily tournaments, you need to use a different paypal address that we will send you – just let us know.


Now, onto the good stuff:   Register for the game!


  • Log in to your account
  • Click “Home Games” on the bottom right side
  • In the next window, make sure “My Scheduled Tournaments” is selected/underlined in red.
  • Double click on the game that you want to play (“APRIL 4th – 8pm STONE CREEK 20k/10m”)
  • In the next box that opens, click “Play Now” in the upper right. Poker Stars allows only 10 minutes of late registration – so make sure to register NOW or at least 1/2 hour early in case you need any help with your account – plus it encourages others to register early as well.


  • PLEASE NOTE: You need a certain amount of “play chips” from Poker Stars in order to play. You get 35k when you first start. After that, click on “Cashier” next to your user name and you can get a lot more chips every 4 hours.  If you don’t have enough for a game, you can spend $2.99 and buy a ton of chips from Poker Stars.  (Also under “Cashier.”)
  • PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  Poker Stars tables are 9 handed.  Up until late registration is closes – they move people one by one to a new table to keep space open in case more players arrive. It’s really odd what they do – but just know this happens if you find yourself suddenly at a new table waiting for other players to join.
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Welcome to the club – good luck on your first game!!